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Some Basement Waterproofing Help For Home Owners

  • In mild cases of dampness or minor seepage which happens only after the worst weather conditions, two or so coats of UGL Drylock may lessen the basement waterproofing problem to your satisfaction. So-called waterproof paint will only frustrate you with its ineffectiveness.
  • Outside French drains gradually become clogged with mud or silt. You may be able to increase their efficiency if there is access to French drains which are usually between 6 and 9 feet underground.
  • If you have water coming in only at the corners, check and clean the downspouts. Running a hose into them may indicate if these are a problem or not.
Unfortunately, all of these measures affect only the outside wall areas above the foundation footer. Water under the floor which can force its way up through the cove has not even been dealt with at this point.
Consider calling a basement waterproofing expert at 412-761-9600 or 1-800-253-9791. Helpful general information can be given over the phone, but with all the varying conditions, an in-person inspection is usually the best.

Cost of Basement Waterproofing

An analysis of our basement waterproofing work indicates that many of the problems were completely solved for less than $2900.00.
  • Most homes have seepage on only 1 or 2 sides and no extensive wall damage.
  • Cracked and bulging walls can be stabilized for about half the cost of expensive wall anchoring systems without the need for ongoing maintenance by the homeowner.

The Watershield Basement Waterproofing Guarantee

Our Basement Waterproofing Guarantee:
  • It is unconditional and spelled out in writing.
  • It is a lifetime guarantee and transferable at no additional charge.
  • "Not enough seepage on the floor to wet a postage stamp" is our lifetime transferable guarantee.
  • It provides for an unbiased third party to arbitrate any unsolved agreements, should they arise.
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The Mediation-Arbitration Program for the Better Business Bureau (of which, only one local waterproofing company is a participating member) completely assures that the customer is 100% covered against the contractor not living up to his guarantees.
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The Watershield Basement Waterproofing Experts

If you need or want expert basement waterproofing advice, contact Watershield Basement Waterproofing. Our representative:
  • Will be a gentleman and will thoroughly understand the problem.
  • Will explain the problem and solution in clear, easily understandable terms and will answer all questions satisfactorily.
  • Will provide you with a simple, easy to read copy of our company's contract without a lot of fine print and technical terms.
  • Will remain a gentleman and respect your time.
For more information about our services please contact us at 412-761-9600.
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